Events of Interest

The full Parish Calendar can be found at this link, or using the menu button.


 Knights of Columbus Social Meeting
Third Tuesday of each month
KoC Bishop Becker Council has a Social Meeting open to all Catholic men in good standing to attend and learn more about the Knights at 7:30 PM at Crowley Hall, St Peters School, New Castle DE.
 Knights of Columbus Business Meeting
First & Third Mondays.
Knights of Columbus Bishop Becker Council has a Business Meeting at 6:30 PM at Crowley Hall, St Peters School, New Castle DE
 Finance Council Meeting
January, March, May, September, November
Third Tuesday of the month.
7:00 meeting in the rectory.
 Catholic Forum
Every Saturday morning
Tune in to Catholic Forum at 11:00 on Relevant Radio 640 AM.
Catholic Forum is a production of the Office of Communication of the Diocese of Wilmington.
 Parish Council Meeting
January, March, May, September, November
Third Tuesday of the month.
7:30 meeting in the rectory.
 St. Vincent de Paul Meetings
First Wednesday of the Month
The meetings occur at the Parish Hall at 7 PM.


 Food closet months
January, March, May, July, September, November
These are the months St. Paul is responsible for donations and staffing the Eecumenical food closet in Delaware City. Staffing is from 6-7:30PM Second & Last Mondays of our scheduled months.
Donations can be brought to the front of the Church on the St. Joseph side. Donation items include: peanut butter, jelly, complete pancake mix, syrup, canned veggies, caned fruit, tuna, canned chicken,canned ham, mayo, pasta, canned sauce, Beef-a-Roni©, Jell-o©, pudding, instant mashed potatoes, cake mix, icing, apple sauce (no glass jars, if possible), tea, soup, Ramen© noodles, Banquet's Homestyle Bake (feeds a family of 4).
 Fund raising yard sale
Last Saturday in April
part of the town wide sale. Stop by the hall at 409 Adams Street. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. Individually wrapped baked goods are needed. Donated items (no clothing) will be accepted during the week preceding the sale. Call Linda Michel at 832-2665 to volunteer to work or bake.
 St. Vincent de Paul Homeless Project
Donation List of Always Needed Items:
Travel size packages ONLY: tissues, wipes, trail mix, protein bars, granola bars, water, cheese crackers, peanut butter crackers, hand sanitizer, meal shakes like Ensure, tuna or chicken salad pouches, toothpaste, tooth brush and tooth brush travel cap, dry shampoo, first aid kit, Band-Aids, foot powder, foot cream, body lotion, lip balm, comb, deodorant, nail clippers, nail files, rain poncho, $5.00 gift card to fast food establishment.
Summer Season Only: Travel Size sunblock, insect repellent, sunglasses, sun visor or baseball type cap
Winter Season Only: Socks, scarves, gloves, hats, hand warmers, feet warmers
Women: Travel size packages of sanitary napkins and tampons. Dry shampoo. Hair bands.